[OSM-dev] Munitely updated regional osm2pgsql database

Ilya Zverev zverik at textual.ru
Wed Jul 2 14:14:14 UTC 2014

Hi! I think it's unfair that the entry level to producing OSM tiles is
prohibitively high: you cannot just install postgis/mapnik/mod_tile on
a $10 vps and have minutely updated country tiles. There certainly
won't be enough memory to run osm2pgsql, and since diffs are only
available for the whole planet, your database would grow 600 MB a day.
I ended up reloading it from a local machine every 10 days, and
quickly grew tired of this.

So, https://github.com/zverik/regional — some scripts that I wrote
for my server, including trim_osc.py, which processes osmChange files,
removing nodes and ways outside a given polygon. It obviously isn't
very effective (it cannot touch ways with no node information, i.e.
those which have only their tags modified), but still, after I
installed it, daily database size increase dropped from 600 to 100
megabytes (which is around 10 times more than the actual extract

I hope it will be useful to somebody, who's rendering tiles for fun
and not wanting to spare more than 5-10 dollars a month on it.


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