[OSM-dev] Munitely updated regional osm2pgsql database

Christian Quest cquest at openstreetmap.fr
Fri Jul 4 07:19:58 UTC 2014

The next best thing that could happen... is to have osm2pgsql (and maybe
similar other tools like imposm) to take advantage of augmented diffs
produced by overpass-API.

These augmented diffs have 2 benefits:
- they are created thru your own query (so you can get them for any area,
like the bbox of your choice)
- they are greatly self-contained*, making most of the awful slim tables**
not required anymore

We simply need someone to implement their support... I expected to have a
student doing that this summer, but it will not be the case.

This is on top of my "OSM dev wish list":

* they contain ways related to modified nodes, as well as nodes related to
ways... making the planet_osm_ways table useless for updated
** as a reminder: osm2pgsql "slim" tables... they take 250GB of space on a
planet database, where you have around 150-200GB of useful
point/line/roads/polygon data.

2014-07-03 17:11 GMT+02:00 Sachin Dole <sdole at genvega.com>:

> thanks sly, that was good info for me. and thanks Ilya for asking the
> question.
> On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 10:01 AM, sly (sylvain letuffe) <liste2 at letuffe.org
> > wrote:
>>  On jeudi 3 juillet 2014, Ilya Zverev wrote:
>> > If, with comments above, this
>> > script is still not the best way to have regional minutely updates,
>> > please point me to an alternative.
>> I wasn't saying that what you did is or isn't the best way ("best" beeing
>> relative to a need) to have regional diffs, I was just pointing out, for
>> you, or for anyone with a need of "subregional diffs" who might not know,
>> that there exists those 2 alternatives I pointed out.
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