[OSM-dev] Contributing to OSM/Overpass

Holger Jeromin mailgmane at katur.de
Tue Jul 8 11:48:23 UTC 2014

Josh Huffman schrieb am 03.07.2014 04:36:

> I am doing an independent study as part of my Computer Science degree at
> the University I attend and am interested in contributing to
> OpenStreeMap.  For the last month I have been researching different
> aspects of OSM and getting familiar with all the working parts.  I am
> particularly interested in working on clickable POI's and ran across the
> Overpass API.  My question is in your opinion (those of you involved
> with Overpass) where would be a good place to start as far as jumping
> into source code?  I browsed through the github page and didn't see a
> lot of commented up code, is there some more documentation somewhere?  I
> have read through the wiki.  Anyhow, I'm wanting to code in C++ and get
> some practice with a larger project such as this, so any advice would be
> greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

You should look into this:


This is a proof of concept of clickable pois on the main osm page.


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