[OSM-dev] Displaying snapshots of BING imagery with current OSM data and an overlaying grid

Jóhannes Birgir Jensson joi at betra.is
Sat Mar 15 19:18:59 UTC 2014

Pardon the lengthy topic but it details exactly what I am looking for.

I created the Mapping Botswana project and in order to get a fairly 
hesitant population to contribute I'm thinking of new ways of outreach.

A thread on Facebook (with me as Mapping Botswana) managed to get a 
local to point out several key amenities in the small town of Khawa in 
the Kgalagadi district, part of the Kalahari desert. Here is the thread 
in question: 

What I did was to screenshot from the iD editor the area, split into 4 
images with adequate zoom for details and then creating a grid using 
Paint.Net (decent enough image editor, freeware) before posting it. Now 
doing this by hand for all 700-ish locations in Botswana seems a fairly 
hard task so I'm wondering about ways to automate this somewhat. I have 
already created Trello-tasks for each of these locations, for example 
this is the Khawa one: https://trello.com/c/WGcTEDRQ

Why, you ask, don't you just point them to the very easy to use 
iD-editor! Because, I answer, it is an extra step most people are 
unwilling to do simply to just say "yeah that is the clinic and that is 
the supermarket". Hopefully some users will go down this route but the 
majority probably will not.

So my intention is to create an interactive version of this, where I 
mark out a boundary box and then retrieve for it the Bing imagery 
alongside the OSM data, exactly like iD does currently. Overlay the 
image with a grid and then either allow someone (maybe using Facebook or 
Twitter login - not sure about that) to submit an observation.

For example click on E6 and then type "this is the Mojhgawe Clinic" or 
simply allowing them to add a point on the map and select from presets 
(school, shop, clinic, bar, petrol station, other) and add it to a queue 
that would then submit to OSM as a seperate MappingBotswana user or 
likewise, after manual glancing at it.

So the question is, what current tools do we have that can support this 
or even supplant it? Am I barking up a tree when I should be digging a 
hole? I'm looking at javascripts for creating a grid and suppose I can 
find how to do the bing+osm overlay in the iD code or someone can point 
to the exact spot.


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