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Hi Vanya

As for OSM in general, there are a lot of new contributors that participate to the Activations. A few elements are more related to the Activations such as the Tasking Manager, the Road Classification (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Highway_Tag_Africa) adapted to the context of the development countries.But for the majority of the learning material, the content is the same. 

One dimension to add could be to give in parallel examples for both the ID editor and JOSM.

I also think that the contents should be broken down in pieces related to specific tasks. This gives more flexibility to assemble the content for various tutorials using a Tables of contents. 

Some HOT contributors have started to develop specific contents for activations. If such documentation by tasks was available, it would be possible to provide Mapping instructions with hyperlinks to the Learning material. This way, beginners could access easily the instructions.
For example :
	* Imagery - add a new url, zoom-in to see details

	* Trace the highways and paths
	* Classify the higways based on  their importance (Highway_Tag_Africa wiki page)
	* Trace the buildings
	* -JOSM Building plugin example
	* Tags
	* POI
An other way to present the learning material, would be for JOSM a plugin that adds a Tutorial Panel. This way, if a contributor activates the Building plugin, the specific instructions or shortcut keys would be presented.


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Hello Everyone

Fredrick, thank you for your reply. I'm sorry I wasn't clear in my mail earlier. The platforms that I've come across so far are- learnosm.org, the tutorial on openstreetmap.org, the tasking manager and the wiki page. All the above provide some doc for learners. What I had in mind was, a platform where we could put all of this on the same page. For instance, someone who stumbles upon the tasking manager might be looking for a less complicated tutorial, which is available on openstreetmap.org. So, maybe, in the wiki page, you can have one complete page dedicated to bringing the above documentations together. 

For instance- 

A summary page might read something like: 
The tasking manager lets you perform data imports or HOT activations. The documentation on page 1 will tell you how. But if you would like to mark the bakery round the corner of your house, you can refer to the documentation on page 2.

So, as you pointed out- there are many platforms. What I was thinking was that maybe we could have one single page where the users are told about them all. 

I was thinking of using the wiki page for it, but if you think some other platform will be better, please let me know.

And the FAQ and the comments part can be an add on to the wiki page itself.

Thank you for your input. Any feedback you have will be very helpful. 

Thank you


On Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 6:44 PM, Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org> wrote:

>On 10/03/2014 12:31 PM, Vanya Jauhal wrote:
>> all beginners currently have to start with the OSM tasking manager
>Can you explain more? As I understand it, the tasking manager is a very
>specialist tool that will not usually be the first thing a beginner
>comes into contact with.
>Beginners in OSM usually start with mapping things they are familiar
>with, like that bakery around the corner from where they live. They
>choose their own field of activity.
>The tasking manager is a coordination platform that lets *other* people
>tell you what you should be doing. It is used for unusual purposes like
>data imports or HOT activations, but it is far from the standard mode of
>working for beginners.
>> 1. The OSM beginner's page can have an FAQ section, where we can add
>> some common issues faced by users and their solutions.
>Are you talking of the Wiki or some other platform? We have plenty.
>> 2.Adding user comments to the documentation.
>This kind of depends on which platform you have in mind. The Wiki, of
>course, already allows everyone to edit the documentation. If you're
>thinking of another platform, the mechanism for reader participation
>might be different.
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