[OSM-dev] Nominatim 2.3 release announcement

Sarah Hoffmann lonvia at denofr.de
Sun Oct 5 17:37:12 UTC 2014

On Sun, Oct 05, 2014 at 06:51:24PM +0200, Christoph Hormann wrote:
> On Sunday 05 October 2014, Sarah Hoffmann wrote:
> >
> > Well, the idea was to make only the 'river line' of rivers searchable
> > and complete ignore the areas as they have only limited meanining
> > from a geolocation point of view. So, it should show only waterway
> > relations, waterway ways that are not part of a relation (and are not
> > something potentially interesting like a waterfall) as well as
> > natural=water. Of course, it's all heuristics because tagging is far
> > from consistent. For some disussions see
> > https://github.com/twain47/Nominatim/issues/155
> I figured that intention from the results i saw for various rivers.  
> Still it would be good i think to distinguish between waterway 
> relations and ways in the results.  For larger rivers there are very 
> often individual ways missing in the relation, most frequently side 
> streams of course, so you rarely only get a sigle result with 
> type=waterway:river.

These are mapping errors, aren't they? As a rule, Nominatim does not
try to cover such errors, precisely so that mappers can easily spot
them and fix them.

However, waterway relations 'should' get precedence over waterway ways
in the ordering of results. How well that works we will have to see,
once the reimported database is live.


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