[OSM-dev] Outdated web pages / default pages on some OSM addresses

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Sun Apr 19 10:33:46 UTC 2015

On 19/04/15 11:12, Peter Wendorff wrote:

> even if they have never been published I think a HTTP-Page that has the
> same URL than the HTTPS version should redirect to the HTTPS equivalent
> or show a hint that the https version exists.

Which appears to answer an entirely different question to the one I asked.

I asked why either should be expected to work. You have taken that as a 
reason to push for https as default, which is an entirely different issue.

> If not published somehow URLs are still often shown without protocol to
> a user (well - most often in those case they are prefixed with www.),
> and users are used to not type in the protocol prefix by hand.

The protocol being used is not the point. The point is that neither site 
had been configured, because neither is a URL that we have ever told 
anybody to use!

You might as well ask why fraggle.osm.org doesn't redirect to 

We have dozens of domain names, and as things stand we haven't written 
anything to handle automatically managing all of those for all of the 
dozens of sites we have so you should, unless told otherwise, assume 
that only the published name (normally *.openstreetmap.org or 
*.osmfoundation.org) will be supported.

If you want to write chef recipes to handle automatically setting up all 
the different domains then please be my guest.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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