[OSM-dev] OSM IDs order in osm.pbf files

François Battail francois.battail at sipibox.fr
Tue Apr 21 15:11:46 UTC 2015

Le 21/04/2015 16:53, Komяpa a écrit :

Hello Komяpa,

Thank you for your quick response,

> 1. records can go in any order, nodes / dense nodes blocks can mix;

So, if I correctly understand, we have:

- header,
- nodes/dense nodes,
- ways,
- relations.

Or do you mean something like this:

- header
- node/dense node/ways/relations in any order

> 2. IDs can go in any order;

:( So i need a btree for the node cache.

> 3. relations can be circular in any direction.

OK, so I need a second pass, the impact should not be too important on 
execution time.

Kind regards

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