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Petr Pridal petr.pridal at klokantech.com
Thu Dec 17 23:57:12 UTC 2015


you may be interested in http://osm2vectortiles.org/ project.

It provides:

1) raster tiles made on demand for a custom styled copy of OpenStreetMap -
with software installable even on a low end virtual server, with three
basic steps: Download vector tiles (the world is in first version 62 GB,
extract of countries are available). Dowload a style project (.tm2).
Install a mapnik tileserver to produce raster tiles on demand (no
PostgreSQL required).
Tutorial: http://osm2vectortiles.org/docs/start/.
A typical result may look like: http://maps.klokantech.com/ (try it with
your email address).

2) vector tiles directly usable in MapBox GL libraries, Leaflet or
OpenLayers, which can be easily served from your own server, or used even
A typical result may look like: http://osm2vectortiles.tileserver.com/ with
styling like http://osm2vectortiles.org/maps/

3) process to generate new custom vector tiles from OSM Planet or extracts.
With detailed documentation and guides - all done with open-source tools.
See: http://osm2vectortiles.org/docs/

The open-source project is result of cooperation between Klokan
Technologies GmbH (http://www.klokantech.com/) and students from Geometa
Lab HSR, Switzerland (http://hsr.ch/geometalab) and is build on top of open
standards and technology developed by MapBox Inc. (http://www.mapbox.com/)
- such as the MapBox Studio Classic, tilelive-js, mapnik-vector-tile, etc.

We would be glad for feedback from the OpenStreetMap community.

Best regards,

Petr Pridal, Ph.D.

Klokan Technologies GmbH
Hofnerstrasse 98, 6314 Unterageri, Switzerland
Tel: +41 (0)41 511 26 12
Email: info at klokantech.com
Web: http://www.klokantech.com/
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