[OSM-dev] Sending messages to users

Pierre GIRAUD pierre.giraud at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 15:44:33 UTC 2015

As an answer to a thread initiated by Serge Wroclawski a year ago,
Alex Barth wrote:

> A messaging API that uses an OAuth based flow would be a great thing to
> have and it would be hard to abuse for spamming. Messages could only be
> sent from applications users have explicitly opted in to and only to users
> who have allowed this application to send them messages (opt-in or opt-out
> for messaging preferences TBD).

> I think the map roulette use case is a great illustration of how such a
> messaging API would facilitate better tools in the OSM orbit. Messaging is
> a huge part of building good web tools.

An other good example of an application which would make good usage of
a messaging API is the Tasking Manager. Even more if we consider a
more robust validation process within the tool.

I'm interested to know if the opinions have changed on this topic.

Best regards.

  | Pierre GIRAUD

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