[OSM-dev] Tilemaker - missing areas

Michał Brzozowski www.haxor at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 01:05:00 UTC 2016

Hi. I'm trying out vector tiles for the purpose of rendering
area:highway. So, I made a few modifications to the default script.
However, when I load the output into Mapbox Studio, some areas are
missing. [1] [2]

Input data (downloaded from Overpass API) seems fine in JOSM. Also,
the default example style does not miss buildings that are
multipolygons (which seem to be dropped most often)

Here's my config.json: http://pastebin.com/y7KBAUy8
and process.lua: http://pastebin.com/QhfAcQEF
Finally, the Overpass command:
meta;>;out meta qt;

Am I doing something silly or is it a bug in Tilemaker? There isn't
anything particular from OSM perspective to them. The dropped
polygons are both plain closed ways and multipolygons, of various


[1] http://i.imgur.com/v7ZjWtX.png
[2] http://osmapa.pl/w/area/?lat=51.10297&lon=17.03094&zoom=18&ol=NQ

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