[OSM-dev] OSM Level of Detail for GSoC 2017

Peter Barth osm-peda at won2.de
Sun Dec 18 22:23:00 UTC 2016

Hi Bal√°zs,

interesting project. I guess such informations might be useful for those
projects displaying 3D data but also for normal mappers to see how
detailed a region is mapped wrt the building footprints.

As the last year's GSoC org admin I can say you that we value one's own
initiative and potential GSoC students who have worked with OSM before
or made themselves familar with the project.

I also guess this is the correct mailing list for your type of
questions. As the topic is a bit niched, so don't expect to much 
reaction ;)

Anyways, I see two main problems with your suggestion:

* I don't understand how this inference would be done in OSM as you face
a bunch of problems. How would you know if a building simply *is* a
rectangle or if it's not mapped in detail. Or an undetailed building
might still look detailed as house+garage is just one outline. Things
like that make me think that this can't be properly solved.

* OSM does not add things that are automatically inferred. There's the 
"On the ground"-rule: Every mapper should be able to verify a tag. We 
value local communities and "craft mapping" very high. 

Sorry for not being more optimistic, but especially given the second
point I just can't see how something like that would ever be added to
the database. Of course the data might still be interesting (see above),
but just not in the OSM db.

Hope that helps,

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