[OSM-dev] OSM Project Idea for GSoC 17: Vandalism Detection in Map Edits

Animesh Sinha sinha.animesh34 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 18 23:38:27 UTC 2016


I am a first year masters students at Purdue University and would like to
propose a project idea for GSoC 2017. I have worked on Vandalism Detection
in Wikipedia in the past and understand how important it is to predict if
an information is correct or not as it may be misleading to others.

Hence, I would like to propose this project idea:

*Title: *Detect if a user edit made in OSM is a vandal edit or regular.
*Summary: *It's a very challenging task to monitor the malicious edits or
spams manually for a large active user base. I plan to identify the cases
of vandalism on OSM by classifying edits as either regular or vandal. This
is clearly a Binary Classification task, but if the distribution of regular
and vandalism cases in the dataset are skewed, it can also be explored as
an Anomaly Detection problem.
*Requirements: *Lots of data about the edits made, information about the
users making the edit, information about the people annotating the true
labels, etc.

I would appreciate if someone can provide a feedback on the project idea
and the requirements needed.

Animesh Sinha
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