[OSM-dev] what about a biggish gps trace?

Peter Gervai grinapo at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 09:14:32 UTC 2016


Not strictly a dev question but there may be operational comments from you.

I have a gpx (the usage permission request is on the way). It contains
recent 5.5 million points [which is a result from a 9+ million point
trace using various simplifications] of traces 814000 Km of highly
overlapping move of the tracked cars of a company in a relatively
small area of Hungary (~300 km^2), including small village roads and
like. [Linguists got a heart attack after that sentence.]   (As a
sidenote: all the tracks were "normalised" to be on 2015-01-01 to
prevent some information leak, but making it possible to have
directional traces instead of point clouds.)

Short question: shall I simply drop this 709 MB file into the upload
form? :-) [Okay, it compresses to ~40 MB.] Would the import process
not dislike me afterwards?

We could use it, but should we import it?

(The main problem is that it's too big in one piece to handle by
anything, so bbox cuts from the database would be nice.)



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