[OSM-dev] GSOC: JOSM Plugin to assist with adding public transport routes

Vishal vijayvargiya vishalvijay18 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 08:19:51 UTC 2016

Hi Polygot,

Thanks a lot for an insightful description of problem. I understand the
challenges and requirements you mentioned and get the idea what is expected
from this project. Especially determining and suggesting a path would be
very useful. In coming days I would work on finding best solutions to the
tasks and would present my idea for further feedback.

Regarding time zone, I live in Vancouver, Canada, not India :) Though time
zones are still not favorable, they are touch helpful than that of India. I
believe a hangout session or even a screen-cast video would be of immense
help. A screen-cast video would be even better as I could go through it
again if I need to and it would be flexible for you too. But again, I am
fine with anything.

Thanks again and looking forward to your reply.


On Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 11:52 AM, Jo <winfixit at gmail.com> wrote:

> I proposed to create the plugin as a GSoC project and I think it remains
> valid as a proposal. The code written for Poland and another
> proof-of-concept written in Python can serve as an 'inspiration', but the
> best way would be to start mostly with a clean slate.
> We need a proper plugin to assist us with creating PT routes, just in
> order to be able to maintain the routes we have and to create new ones.
> There are 2 problems with these routes:
> - they are fragile, other editors don't always take them into
> consideration when editing OSM data or understand them
> - they are prone to change. Itineraries tend to change relatively often
> There is another problem: there are an enormous lot of them and manually
> changing them when changing the underlying road network changes is a lot of
> work. Most contributors get discouraged by this, which is understandable.
> So what do we need?
> A tool to detect broken/interrupted route relations
> A tool to mend existing relations. Sometimes they are broken because ways
> are split and not all parts get (re)added. Sometimes they are
> broken/interrupted because ways are recombined disregarding the relation,
> so there is an 'overshoot'
> A tool that can create (part of) a route between a series of stops.
> Since I don't mind doing this once manually, my solution was as follows:
> Try to find another relation with the same sequence of stops, that already
> has an uninterrupted sequence of ways.
> Figure out which of those ways lie between the first and last stop (for as
> long a sequence as possible) and copy those ways over.
> The result of that 'exercise' is a route relations that was usually still
> interrupted. For those stretches, it may make sense to try and determine a
> plausible path, propose to the user and add to the route relation when OK,
> try to figure ou another path if not. At some point give up and let the
> user do it him/herself. The user can also accept a solution and then mend
> it to what the bus actually does.
> If the user accepts a solution, apply it and do what is needed to the road
> network (it's likely ways will have to be split).
> I'm willing to demonstrate all this during a hangout. Since you are in
> India, time zones work against us... our European evening is very late at
> night for you. I can also create a screencast video.
> Polyglot
> 2016-02-15 19:00 GMT+01:00 Daniel Koć <daniel at koć.pl>:
>> W dniu 15.02.2016 18:49, Vishal vijayvargiya napisał(a):
>> post one on josm-dev mailing list. I hope project remains in
>>> consideration and isn't closed, especially after discovery of existing
>>> plugin for PT in polish cities :)
>> This plugin needs some love (at least making it more generic) and I'm not
>> sure if this code is proper form - sometimes reimplementation is easier
>> than just patching. Also I'm not sure if the main developer is still
>> interested in this work.
>> However the main idea (semi-automated routing through the known stops
>> network) is a way to go - I don't remember now if it was me who have
>> proposed this approach, but it's possible. =}
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