[OSM-dev] GSoC 2016 - Introduction

Sanchit Kapoor sanchitlucknow at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 16:23:18 UTC 2016


I am Sanchit Kapoor and I am a 3rd year student from India pursuing
Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology from Jaypee Institute of
Information Technology, India. I have experience in Web Development and
Data Visualization and have worked on frameworks like Python-Flask,
MeteorJS, Blender3D, LESS, D3.js, Three.js and experienced with REST Api.

I went through the ideas page of OSM and I found the following projects

1. Visual Lane Editor for iD

2. Web Application for sharing 3D-Models to use in OSM-related

3. Add POI Webapp

I have interacted with several people on IRC (handle:darkprince) and looked
around for other details and following is what I think about these 3

1. Currently JOSM has a lane visualizer but not an editor and iD has
neither of them. So the task is to add a lane editor so that OSM Mappers
can map lanes. I have built iD on my system.

2.  OSM needs to have 3D Interfaces in the map for objects like buildings,
etc. I find this interesting as I have worked with 3D technologies before.
http://darkprince304.github.io/ Here an early demo of my work as part of
Mozilla Winter of Security can be found. This was made using blender and
then parsed to JSON.

3. This app would make the work of inexperienced people easier as requests
can be sent to OSM Mappers. Since I have experience in Web Development I
find this interesting too!

I would like someone to guide me to start contributing. I have begun
mapping locations in my neighborhood and now I would also like to solve
some bugs or implement features to increase my chance to work on any of
those projects as I find all of those equally interesting.

I have been contributing to Open Source projects since an year. My work can
be found here https://github.com/darkprince304 .

Thank you,


Sanchit Kapoor
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