[OSM-dev] Retrieving nodes with a "wikipedia=" OSM tag in a certain area via an OSM API?

Oleksiy Muzalyev oleksiy.muzalyev at bluewin.ch
Sat Jan 2 09:03:33 UTC 2016


I wrote a web-application for planning Wikipedia photography 
expeditions: http://ausleuchtung.ch.local/geo_wiki/

Click on the map and it shows all Wikipedia articles geo-locations in 
the radius of 10 km around the click. Wikipedia language is changed by 
replacing "en" for English on "fr" for French, "de" for German, etc. 
Web-application memorizes the map position, zoom level, and language of 
the last request.

This web-application is based on Media Wiki API [1]. All the heavy 
lifting is done by the Media Wiki API, the web-application is just about 
20 lines of code. But it works surprisingly robustly all over the world, 
for all Wikipedia languages.

Now I want to find in a similar way the geo-locations of Wikipedia 
articles, however not via Wikipedia articles coordinates, but via the 
OSM nodes (or areas) which have "wikipeida=", "wikimedia_commons=", 
"wikidata=" tag. Is there a way to do it via an OSM API? Without parsing 
big dump files?

I repeat for clarity - I need to retrieve coordinates of nodes which 
have the OSM "wikipeida=", "wikimedia_commons=", "wikidata=" tag in the 
radius of 10 kilometres. I started to explore the Osmosis, the MapQuest 
Geocoding API, etc., but it seems to be an uncommon request. Is it 
possible at all?

With best regards,

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/w/api.php

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