[OSM-dev] Fetch child relations by naming parent with Osmosis

Humphries, Grant HumphriG at TriMet.org
Tue Jul 5 23:26:50 UTC 2016

I have an OSM extract from which I am trying to use Osmosis to import into PostGIS only railways that are a part of a transit network that is defined by relations.  There is a super relation for this network and all of the ways that I need are members of that relation's child or grandchild relations.  Is there a way with Osmosis that I can name just the parent relation and get all of the child members as well?  In this case there are many children so it would be much more efficient if I could do this.

Also a couple of other Osmosis questions

*         Does the --way-key-value's keyValueListFile have wild card support?  I've tried including a line like `highway=*`, but that didn't seem to match anything

*         Does the --tag-filter parameter support wild cards in conjunction with other characters?  I've been able to successfully pass something like `name=*`, but when I try `name="John*" it seems to see the asterisk as a literal.

Thanks in advance!
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