[OSM-dev] Guidance to start contribution

Aaska Shah aaskashah1996 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 19:45:38 UTC 2016


I am Aaska Shah, a third year undergrad student at DAIICT, India. I know
Python, Java, C , SQL, Php, javscript, html, css  and have experience in
Android and Web development. I am currently doing an internship in Robocop
Technologies. Robocop help companies develop, deploy, maintain and monitor
their cloud infrastructure for any cloud provider. So I have got quite a
good experience in Python, cloud computing and other skills like
celery,flask and mongodb.

I have even contributed to opensource in projects of Systers, Anita Borg
Community. More of my works could be found at :
Github : https://github.com/AaskaShah
Website: aaskashah.me
Links to my contributions:

I want to get started for contributing to HOT. Where can I start with? What
project should I start with and understand its codebase and working? Are
there any issues or bugs I could work on?
Please help me

Thanking you,
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