[OSM-dev] Application for Google Summer of Code 2016

Peter Barth osm-peda at won2.de
Fri Mar 4 23:04:32 UTC 2016


Richard Fairhurst schrieb:
> a) monitor #osm for prospective GSoCcers
> c) create and staff a new #osm-gsoc channel

I've registered the #osm-gsoc channel and will lurk (and react ;)) on
new students. Either by helping them directly or forwarding them to the
respective mentor. I'll also try to monitor #osm better than I do now.

Might I ask all mentors that have added a project idea to send me a
short private mail with their email address they want to use for GSoC.
For student mails and for registering to the Google project site (we
have to invite you with your email address). Thanks.


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