[OSM-dev] Playback of Camera Movement in OSM2World Question

Peter Barth osm-peda at won2.de
Fri Mar 18 21:11:24 UTC 2016

Hi Wilson,

Thank you for your interest in OSM and GSoC.

The project idea you're talking about is actually meant in a
different way. What we'd like to achive is a way to generate
virtual camera flights. I.e. you use the OSM2World GUI to define
waypoints and direction vectors to look at, i.e. the definition
of the camera movement. The student's code would try to
interpolate those positions to generate a smooth trajectory in 3D
space and afterwards render the images along this
trajectory. Rendering might either happen directly with OSM2World
to output PNG images or via Povray. And in the end, ffmpeg/libav
will take these images and make a video out of the single images.

Of course there's more to it: The trajectory might be inputed via
a GPX file or by defining your own format. Also the interpolation
of the camera movement might be as simple as a polygon or
something more sophisticated as bspline approximation or whatever

But in the end the details are up to the student. We have a rough
idea, we also have an idea how we would implement it. But we want
to hear and see your ideas as long as it matches our overall goal :)

Hope that helps,

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