[OSM-dev] Custom tileset

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Tue Mar 22 16:01:39 UTC 2016

W dniu 22.03.2016 16:37, Daniel Koć napisał(a):
> W dniu 22.03.2016 16:05, Andy Townsend napisał(a):

>> It's also unclear after an initial scan of the text there what OSM
>> data will be loaded, what OSM style will be used and whether I need
>> Apache externally, among other things.  That doesn't mean that there's
>> anything wrong with it - it just might need (depending on the
>> audience) a bit more wrapped around it.

> https://github.com/haroldship/openstreetmap-tiles-docker/blob/master/help.txt

Oh, you've mentioned this file too! Some informations are inside:

Import data:
   The following will import the .pbf file at `/tmp/import.pbf` into the

But the most informations are packed into a Dockerfile (= makefile for 
Docker containers):


Apache is installed in this container and the style used is OSM Bright.

In general Docker containers don't need anything other than properly 
configured base system with fresh version of Linux kernel and the Docker 
itself, because this technology is making rapid progress. On other OS-es 
Linux distribution is installed in a traditional VM box, which of course 
takes away the advantage of running with a full speed, but still helps 
making things more streamlined and automatic than manual installation 
and configuration.

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