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Ronak Jain ronakjainc at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 06:34:05 UTC 2017


My name is Ronak Jain, studying final year Computer Science & Engineering
from Visvesvaraya technological university, India. This summer I would like
to GSoC with OpenStreetMap, as I am really keen on working with an
interesting and challenging project which matches my skills and provides a
room for learning.

About my experience:
I have contributed to plenty of open source projects in the past which
include Google/Flatbuffers, Grpc, and other smaller projects. I am the
author of "Grpc-go interface generator with flatbuffers" which is one of my
greatest contribution which I am proud of. I have extensively worked with
C, C++ and Go, comfortable with java, ruby, python, and javascript. I have
worked on projects such as Bittorrent client, Online Judge etc. which are
available in my profile on GitHub. I have also published apps on Google
play store.
References: Play store
<https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Ronak> Github

I am aware of the fact that selected GSOC organizations will be released by
the last week of Feb, but I believe in preparing early and would like to
get used to the development environment of OSM by learning the technologies
which could be used in the project and communicate with the potential
mentor to understand the project really well to be able to write a good

After going through the list of possible idea's for this summer, I would
like to consider
Full cgimap write support
Full cgimap read-only support
I have chosen these as I have good experience with the languages being used
in the project also I have worked with Postgres earlier. I will choose the
idea after speaking with the mentor and deciding what could be additionally
added to the project.

I would like to know,
how can I get started with the project?
are there any bite-sized project or bugs that could be fixed?
what are the steps I could take to increase my acceptance rate?

I have created an account with OSM and will contribute to the map based on
my local area, also I have read the GSoC students guide. I would like to
know if mentors have any suggestions regarding the project and best

Thank you,
Ronak Jain
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