[OSM-dev] Removing functionality and giving just No as answer

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Fri Feb 24 16:53:13 UTC 2017

W dniu 24.02.2017 16:59, Darafei "Komяpa" Praliaskouski napisał(a):

> If you look at it, it's not "community developed this", or "OSMF
> developed this", or even "a private club developed this" which you
> paint as a dark scenario.
> It's being mostly written and deployed by the same person.
> This is Bus Factor 1 scenario.

Well, for me it looks like this is not as bad as you say:

But it's not that good either:

"The club" is rather tight now, but at least one person is aware that 
more people would be needed to allow smooth operations and development. 
The main issue seems to be how to attract them?

Sadly, this is not the only fragile element in OSM ecosystem.

We had this "Bus Factor 1 scenario" with forum lately. Fortunately no 
bus was involved and no admin was harmed, but Lambertus has effectively 
"stepped down" one day and was very hard to reach. It ended up with 
saner and more balanced forum management (server migration from 
independent location into OSMF controlled one and 3 new admins), so it's 
much better now than before admin became inactive.

OSM-carto development has also its own problems, although far from being 
that serious. While there's more people on the board with merging rights 
lately, it's still no more than few people active there and agreement is 
rather hard to reach.

I have no idea how to attract more people and at the same time not 
stress the active people even more than they're now. Yet, it's a 
dangerous situation and I hope it will be resolved before some bad 
things will strike us again.

"Like a halo in reverse" [M. Gore]

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