[OSM-dev] Setting up local OSM database

Subhani Munasinghe sashee1992 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 18 14:31:57 UTC 2017


    As I was advised, I tried to set up a local copy of the OSM database.
There I installed Postgresql and tried to add a new server registration.
But it gave an error about the connection. I changed the "listen_addresses"
to '*' (all), in "postgresql.conf" and tried again but it gave the same
error. So, it would be very kind of you if someone can help me with that.

     I am new to Postgresql but I am well experienced in working with
*MySQL*.So, for the time being, until I sort out the problem with
Postgresql, is it ok if I set up the local OSM database with MySQL ?

Thank you !

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