[OSM-dev] Spatial data sets for Asymmetric road network

Debajyoti Ghosh 4u.debajyoti at gmail.com
Sat Mar 18 07:16:39 UTC 2017

Sir I got stuck since last 4 months to implement my algorithm on real
ASYMMETRIC road network datasets to get results.
I have started research work to address LBS queries like NN, k-NN,ANN,
..... I'm very much confused that I can't interpret data sets as it is
given in
various uncommon/unknown file format. I believe that I need data sets in
the form <longitude, latitude> pair for n POI on real road network(spatial
data), so that when I give <longitude, latitude> of my input query point q,
it should find NN,
k-NN... In addition we also need directed graph data sets for asymmetric
road network where d(a,b) != d(b,a). So, I need step-by-step guidance to
implement and test my algorithms in the following contexts
a) data sets collection and interpret/Extracting Spatial Data(say from
b) implement/simulate a prototype library/framework of LBS queries
c) Implement/simulate prototype applications on top of the library so that
we can get results of our experiments

Teaching is an art and a challenge as well.
It doesn't matter how much we know. What matters is how clearly others can
understand what we know.
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