[OSM-dev] Programatic reconstruction of postal code areas

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Mar 29 07:58:16 UTC 2017


On 29.03.2017 09:10, Alex K wrote:
>   * For one, this type of information is already part of
>     OSM: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:boundary%3Dpostal_code

Generally we don't like data that is impossible (or difficult e.g.
"knocking on doors") to verify on the ground, but we do make exceptions
for admin boundaries and, usually, postal code boundaries.

But that exception would certainly not apply to derived data; if it is
desired to use derived data in geocoding, then the code to run the
derivation must be in Nominatim (so that any derived geometries
automatically update when base data is modified).

>   * The current postal code tagging of admin levels in
>     Austria/Switzerland is not only of bad quality but also wrong from a
>     logical aspect. The boundaries of the two have no connection in real
>     life. We should get rid of THAT information because it produces
>     false results in Nominatim.

You are welcome to suggest the deletion of this information on the
mailing lists/forums in Austria and Switzerland, and remove them if the
community agrees.

> So the information has high practicle value and can help push OSM into
> new areas of usage. That's why I believe it is very important to add it
> for more countries...

You can add code that does sophisticated post code guessing to Nominatim
but you cannot add the result of a sophisticated guessing algorithm as a
base geometry in OSM - even less so if the algorithm you used for
guessing isn't available for inspection.


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