[OSM-dev] Top Ten Tasks

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Fri Apr 27 17:20:49 UTC 2018

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From: Tobias Knerr
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Subject: [OSM-dev] Top Ten Tasks

Hi All,

about areas type work charge : with tags qualifiers, any node / way / 
relation may be enhanced to a new logical type without rewriting the low 
level utilities.  Effective changes would affect only the css design and db 
production teams.

about the area object : working on tables partitions, with in mind a remark 
read here about embedded areas , I found more easy to dispatch objects on 
different levels ( natural, human artefacts, administrative boundaries, 
spoken languages, etc ) , each one with its coverage set. It needs more 
normalization to be efficient.

Adjacent data like  official geo-dictionnary , well known tags set and 
qualifiers normalization would be useful to many applications.


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