[OSM-dev] OSM customization problems

Kojo rbsnkjmr at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 15:36:32 UTC 2018

Hi all,
this is my first post here, and at first I would like to congratulate you
all for this great ecosystem of the OSM. If my question doesn´t fit to this
chanel, please tell me. English is not my main language, so I will do my
best to be clear.

I am just starting to use OSM to move from GMaps.
We already have the infrastructure set to render and to serve maps via
Apache (mod_tle). The processo seems to be very slow to render the whole
planet, but it is working. This is for another thread.

What I am trying to achieve is to execute some small parts of the complete
process, which very simplified,is:

   - Dowload data (.osm file)
   - Import to Postgres
   - Serve tiles

Considering that the whole infrastructure is up and runnig, I have already
downloaded Maldive Islands data to perform import/render process to acquire
the necessary knowledge of all steps of the whole process.

Here I have some questions:
- I am using mapnik to style the maps, but it is not clear for me that the
style is applied  while importing data from osm to database (and stored
inside db data), or when the tile is rendered.

- renderd.conf XML property, points to a style file. I change this file but
the changes I made doesn´t show on tiles, even if I reload data to
database, and even if I mark the tile as "dirty" to force re-render. This
is the reason for the first question, that I can not even understand when
the style is applied, during import, or during render.

- I tryed to check the png data direct on disk, but I couldn´t find it
using this steps from here (
https://github.com/openstreetmap/mod_tile/blob/master/readme.txt) :

Where base_dir is a configurable base path for all tiles. TileSetName
is the name of the style sheet rendered. Z is the zoom level.
[xxxxyyyy] is an 8 bit number, with the first 4 bits taken from the x
coordinate and the second 4 bits taken from the y coordinate. This
attempts to cluster 16x16 square of tiles together into a single sub
directory for more efficient access patterns.

It is ok for me up to the zoom level.

Thanks in advance,
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