[OSM-dev] Question Regarding Libosmium

Jochen Topf jochen at remote.org
Fri Jun 8 15:14:10 UTC 2018

On Fri, Jun 08, 2018 at 09:17:36AM -0400, Kyle Frownfelter wrote:
> Hey all, I hope this message finds each and every one of you well! I
> write to ask a question about libosmium and the best way I should
> implement functionality. I'm programming a GPS application for use by
> visually impaired/blind users, and one of the two most basic functions
> that I want to implement are announcing the current street the user is
> on, and the next intersection based upon the heading of the user. If I
> get GPS coordinates from a receiver I should be able to feed that to
> libosmium, but where I'm confused is how I can query OSM data to find
> out where the user is at in relation to the coordinates. From reading
> about OSM data I know that getting a list of ways is probably the
> first step, but ways seem to be a big list of nodes on a line, nothing
> more. Would I need to draw a box around the current coordinate and
> find out which nodes are closest and if those nodes relate back to a
> particular way? I'm very new to OSM and libosmium, so I'm hoping
> somebody who has more experience than me can point me in the right
> direction of thought or methodology.

Libosmium is not what you are looking for here. There are way too many
things you'd have to implement yourself on top of libosmium. Have a look
at https://github.com/Framstag/libosmscout , maybe that's something for

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