[OSM-dev] Generalisation

Christoph Hormann osm at imagico.de
Wed May 2 22:47:24 UTC 2018

On Wednesday 02 May 2018, Marco Boeringa wrote:
> "And also it is ultimately: Demo or it didn't happen - at the moment
> the only thing you can get at 1:50k is the old style map:
> https://www.pdok.nl/nl/producten/pdok-downloads/basisregistratie-topo
> This is a serious misunderstanding. This is the a rasterized version
> of the new style 1:50k vector map based on generalization, that just
> happens to look very close to the originally manually generalized
> one: that was the whole target of the effort. They make available the
> rasters for clients, as it is just an easy way to consume the data,
> styled and all.

If that is the result of what you so boldly described as the first fully 
automated generalization workflow of a national mapping organization 
that would be fairly underwhelming - both in terms of "fully automated" 
and "successful".

Christoph Hormann

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