[OSM-dev] Generalisation

sav123 sav123 at h-f.net
Thu May 3 16:15:00 UTC 2018

>    Anyways, there is no point of talking about who first, last, only
> etc. All approaches using closed commercial software are pointless for
> OSM - it cannot be reused. Everything can be done with open source so
> that all code/algorithms are open and clear and there is no need to
> pay piles of money for nothing.

pointless for ?

1) in charge of initiating a big installation, I spent N000 euros
- to earn 4 hours in the init process by server
- to get the initial prevision of 44 masters  reduced to 12
- to get turn-key sub products to run tiles servers on very small slave 

It was a great help for a few bucks and finally, I saved a lot of money

0) it would not be only one serious product in the osm catalog without the 
private donations of a very few enterprises and individuals. I respect what 
they did and I hope a lot for their revenus.

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