[OSM-dev] osm2pgsql release 0.96.0

Sarah Hoffmann lonvia at denofr.de
Wed May 2 21:34:24 UTC 2018


we are happy to announce a new release 0.96.0 of osm2pgsql.

This release mostly fixes a number of regressions introduced
with the switch to libosmium and brings a couple of improvements
in the build system. Contrary to what was announced for the
last version, this release still supports old-style multipolygons.

Changes include

- memory for caches and flatnode storage is freed earlier, leaving
  more RAM to Postgresql during indexing

- extend web Mercator to 89.99 latitude again, reducing broken polygons

- skip objects with no tags during initial import, improving
  performance during first import stage

- support LuaJIT for faster processing of Lua tag transforms
  (thanks to @mmd)

- update to libosmium 2.14

- windows builds for 32bit are now provided via Appveyor
  (thanks to @alirdn)

- bug fixes for tile expiry (thanks to @nakaner)

For anybody building against an external libosmium, please note
that you now also need to configure an external protozero library

Kind regards


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