[OSM-dev] LEAFLET: GeoJSON layers - laggy with latest Firefox 62.0

Nick Whitelegg nick.whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Wed Sep 19 09:52:46 UTC 2018


There doesn't seem to be a very active Leaflet mailing list ATM so thought I'd mail here on the offchance someone might see it.

Anyhow, have noticed that in latest version of Firefox (62.0) the GeoJSON layers of my web app (mapthepaths.org.uk) have become very laggy if too many objects are added. It seems to be struggling with as little as 500-1000 GeoJSON polyline features on the screen at one time.

This was not the case in older versions of Firefox, and Chrome is still fine. It seems to be particularly noticeable on Windows 7 but also an issue on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04).

Is this a known issue?

My source code in case it's of interest is at




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