[OSM-dev] All possible fields of an address object in Open Street Map

Pascal Girard pascal.girard at insa-lyon.fr
Mon May 11 13:06:13 UTC 2020

Good morning,

I apologize in advance if this is the incorrect contact channel for my 
I posted it on OSM help forum in April and I had no answer.

I am developping a web application and I use Nominatin service to get 

In JSON format, Nominatin sends an address object like this : "address": 
{"road": "Hillcrest Road", "suburb": "Gidea Park", "city": "London 
Borough of Havering", "state_district": "Grand Londres","state": 
"Angleterre", "postcode": "RM11 1EA", "country": "Royaume-Uni", 
"country_code": "gb"}. Of course, address fields change depending on the 

In the database of our web application, we would like to build a table 
to store all fields of an address object of OSM, because we want to be 
compatible to all addresses around the world. I've been looking for 
days, for the list of all fields contained in an address object of OSM : 
on the net, in documentations, in nominatim and osm2pgsql code.

I saw this post on Open Street Map Help : 

But :

  * 1) it was in January 2018,
  * 2) the answer was
  * 3) and

The "https://github.com/osm-search/Nominatim/blob/v3.4.1/lib/lib.php" is 
different than witch I quoted above in point 3).

Concerning the above point 2) :

  * is OSM (Nominatim) using OpenCageData address-formatting ?
  * Can I rely on it to build my address table ?

Please help me...

Many thanks in advance for your response.

Pascal Girard
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