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elisabeth benoit elisaelisaelisa at gmail.com
Tue May 19 12:13:29 UTC 2020


I am currently using version 1.10 of osmium and running a diff between two
osm.pbf time-filtered at different dates.

In osmium diff documentation, it says:

"If objects appear in both files and are identical they are preceded by a
space (’ `) character, if they are in both files, but different, they are
preceded by an asterisk ('*`). Otherwise they get a minus ('-`) or plus
('+’) character to show that they are only in the first or second file,

I launch this command

osmium diff time-filtered-20200501.osm.pbf time-filtered-20200514.osm.pbf
-c -f compact > diff.compact

But in diff.compact file I dont have any *, all objects are preceded by +
ou - as if objects were only added or removed. I know some objects have
been modified, but they appear as added.

For instance, I get *+w4040099 v20 *as if way 4040099 had been added.

Does anyone know why this is not conform to the documentation?

Best regards,
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