[OSM-dev] OpenStreetMap Cartographic: A client-side rendered OpenStreetMap Carto

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Tue May 26 08:59:23 UTC 2020

I think you are missing

"Only zoom 0 to 8 has been implemented so far. I started at zoom 0 and
am working my way down."


Am 26.05.2020 um 10:42 schrieb Maarten Deen:
> On 2020-05-26 10:15, Paul Norman via dev wrote:
>> On 2020-05-25 1:15 a.m., Maarten Deen wrote:
>>> Still, it looks to be a very simplified subset of the complete data.
>>> So I'd be interested to see how this works on a full dataset.
>> No, it has the full data except for admin boundaries and bay/straight
>> names on zoom 7 and 8. When you compare it to OpenStreetMap Carto
>> they're pretty similar. There are some labeling differences with sizes
>> of labels and when labels come in, but those don't have anything to do
>> with performance or size.
> No, that's not what I'm seeing. I am seeing very basic and rectangular
> landuses, obviously simplified, along with waterways, railways,
> motorways, trunk, primary secondary roads and they too have been
> simplified, to the extent that parallel ways on motorways are now
> crossing eachother.
> This is in my area:
> https://pnorman.dev.openstreetmap.org/cartographic/mapbox-gl.html#12.14/51.36196/6.08322
> https://imgur.com/a/WcYlVUc
> Regards,
> Maarten
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