[GraphHopper] GraphHopper for iOS

Peter K peathal at yahoo.de
Thu May 22 12:19:18 UTC 2014

Hey there,

we've a GraphHopper version running on iOS thanks to a friend of mine. The good news: it works and is really fast on iOS!

The bad news: It is not releasable due to some minor issues:

 1. create an easy to use iOS library
 2. make unit tests working on iOS to find and fix bugs

Additionally there is the following work to be done:

 3. fully automate the synchronization between GraphHopper-iOS and GraphHopper-Core
 4. find+fix more bugs
 5. create iOS demo with online or offline maps
 6. test on multiple devices

Now, we are looking for people who:

* would have interests in this and/or
* could imagine to work or test it and/or
* even would take over as a Maintainer of this iOS port.

Surely I expect some work in the beginning but afterwards it will be reduced to nearly zero time because we'll then have a fully automated synchronization between iOS and GraphHopper-Core. (Then there would be only work for new IOS releases I guess.)

In return we'll release GraphHopper for iOS under the Apache License!


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