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Four steps to start discussion with the community:

1. Make sure it is a 'good' question
Please search the archives, the docs, stackoverflow and the internet before posting! Sounds like work? It is not much we ask for, just be fair to the hundreds of subscribed users. Of course you can also pay us to answer any question. Also:
  • Try to descriptive but be to the point and make sure it has something to do with GraphHopper. Include version of JVM, GraphHopper, Operating System and a possible error message with full stacktrace (if big use
  • Avoid triggering the mailing list with emails like 'help' or 'please'.
  • Spam is not allowed.
  • HTML is okay. But reference images, do not include directly. Same for code or log files e.g. use instead.
  • Links to apps or job postings involving GraphHopper are currently allowed
After several times of violating this you can be banned. You might not be warned before (currently you will).
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