[HOT] How Can I help map Pakistan

Tecoholic Maps tecoholic2 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 02:52:39 BST 2010


I am a full time student from India who is involved in OSM mapping.
Recently I came across a photo which has put me in top gear to help
with OSM mapping of Pakistan Flood Affected areas.

May I know where to start? What are the works that need HOT team's
immediate attention which I might be able to help?

I can map from satellite imagery, I can edit the Wiki pages and clean
it up if there is raw text down there in the mailing lists or online
documents, or I can even help in co-ordinating efforts online.

Since this is my first time involvement with HOT, I am at a loss where
to start and what to do? Could you help me start?


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