[HOT] Prototype : HDM Presets for Potlatch2

Pierre Béland infosbelas-gps at yahoo.fr
Thu Apr 14 19:57:14 BST 2011

Hi all,

At the HOT conference call, February 16, a proposition of Joseph Reeves to adapt JOSM HDM Presets to Potlatch2 has been retained. I accepted to develop this tool and give the opportunity to edit in Potlatch2 with HDM Presets.

The development of the Custom Potlatch2 API integrating HDM Presets is now completed  and I invite people interested to evaluate this prototype and make comments.

The API can be accessed for Evaluation from a Development site. This was necessary since Potlatch2 API do not have option to let users read a Custom Presets file like in JOSM. The url below gives access to the API for editing. It is also possible to specify zoom, latitude and longitude coordinates : 

The HOT Presets added to the Potlatch2 menus are derived from JOSM HDM Presets,
url https://github.com/wonderchook/OpenStreetMap-Humanitarian-Tags/blob/master/humanitarian_presets_josm.xml

Editing should give same results as using HDM Presets in JOSM. However, the menus are presented differently. The HOT Presets cannot be isolated the same way as JOSM with specific Groups. We have to take account of the Potlatch2 API functioning. To group the Features in the Menu Groups, I choose a compromise that takes account of both Potlatch2 API functioning and need for HOT users to spot rapidly the various HOT features. 

In the Potlatch2 API, you cannot duplicate use of a tag like amenity=school in two distinct Features. This means that it is not possible to isolate HDM menus like in JOSM. The structure of menu is also slightly different. The first level of Menu shows a list of icons by Groups like Humanitarian Features. When selecting a specific Feature, the second level of Menu shows various dialog boxes accessible via the Tabs positioned over the Dialog Box. 

In this first version of the Custom API, HOT Transport features are integrated with the default Presets. The HOT Presets are grouped in specific Tabs with HOT Prefix.  The Presets for Campsite, School, Hospital and Waterpoint are grouped in Humanitarian Features Group.


Pierre Béland
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