[HOT] Health Resources and Services Availability Assessment/Mapping

Fran Boon francisboon at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 19:55:29 GMT 2011

On 1 December 2011 19:16, Jason Nickerson <jnick018 at uottawa.ca> wrote:
> I am a PhD researcher currently in Haiti, working to develop a solid
> evidence base for the assessment of the availability of health resources
> and services in protracted emergencies – essentially, which kinds of
> health systems/services/resources data are most useful for prioritizing
> health interventions, and how can they be collected. After Haiti, I head
> to Sudan and South Sudan to continue this work. Our hope is to be able to
> develop recommendations for collecting pertinent and timely information in
> the early stages of acute crisis response so as to develop the foundation
> for meaningful, in-depth assessments of health facilities and resources
> throughout the transition and recovery stages. We want to avoid the
> development of parallel assessment systems, but rather develop
> recommendations for common assessments among health (and other) partners
> so as to establish a baseline early on that can then be built upon with
> more in-depth data as the response unfolds. I am working in collaboration
> with the Global Health Cluster in Geneva.

Sounds interesting...perhaps Sahana's Survey module may be a useful
tool for this.
Assessments can be designed based on a number of different Question
Types, the Responses can either be filled-in online or via
translatable protected spreadsheets for upload & analysis

> I am looking for the Sahana Dataset that was created during the Haiti
> earthquake response. If anyone has this in Excel format (or another
> format), could you please share this with me?

I can send this to you :)

Best Wishes,

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