[HOT] Health Resources and Services Availability Assessment/Mapping

Jason Nickerson jnick018 at uottawa.ca
Thu Dec 1 19:16:42 GMT 2011

Hi everyone,

I am a PhD researcher currently in Haiti, working to develop a solid
evidence base for the assessment of the availability of health resources
and services in protracted emergencies – essentially, which kinds of
health systems/services/resources data are most useful for prioritizing
health interventions, and how can they be collected. After Haiti, I head
to Sudan and South Sudan to continue this work. Our hope is to be able to
develop recommendations for collecting pertinent and timely information in
the early stages of acute crisis response so as to develop the foundation
for meaningful, in-depth assessments of health facilities and resources
throughout the transition and recovery stages. We want to avoid the
development of parallel assessment systems, but rather develop
recommendations for common assessments among health (and other) partners
so as to establish a baseline early on that can then be built upon with
more in-depth data as the response unfolds. I am working in collaboration
with the Global Health Cluster in Geneva.

Two requests:

I am looking for the Sahana Dataset that was created during the Haiti
earthquake response. If anyone has this in Excel format (or another
format), could you please share this with me?

Second, if anyone has done any health facilities mapping work in Sudan or
South Sudan, I would be quite interested in speaking with you.

Very best,
Jason Nickerson
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