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Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 9 16:43:04 GMT 2011

Hi everyone

Thanks all who responded to the member nominations and confirmations, and Board nominations. That period closed on December 7.

Later today, I'll be putting together the ballot for Board election, and emailing that directly to members. Elections will end on December 14.

At the same time, new members will need to be approved by the current membership. 
This will happen by asking for any objections to the new members, and if there is "significant" objection, the Board will need to decide how to handle it. 

New members will be asked to vote in the Board elections, but their vote will not be counted until they are approved.
The new Bylaws also need to be approved by the majority of the membership, in order to complete 501(3)c applications. The good news is that our legal advice is now that the asset beneficiary does not need to be explicitly indicated in the Bylaws, we can simply say that it should be an organization that works to further a similar mission to HOT.


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