[HOT] Activation to Map Libyan Health Facilities

Iván Sánchez Ortega ivan at sanchezortega.es
Mon Dec 19 20:07:34 GMT 2011

On Lunes, 19 de Diciembre de 2011 17:35:29 Mikel Maron escribió:
> Under the License/Origin column, you will see different data sets with
> different licenses for any individual point. Some are ok to use with OSM
> (VRAM_WHO, ICRC), and some are clearly not (gmapmaker). WHO is not as
> concerned about this, and just want whatever data can be collected. OSM,
> of course, wants data thats free and open license wise. So as HOT, we can
> also contribute by finding an open source for places already mapped in
> un-free sources. We will also want to document the different sources and
> license schemes on the other sheets

So how 'bout importing the existing data, or creating a .gpx file of the 
places there to assist in the JOSMing?

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