[HOT] Activation to Map Libyan Health Facilities

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has asked HOT and the Stand By Task Force (SBTF) to activate to map health facilities in in Libya.

The basic point is to get a final Health Facility Registry GIS layer for Libya, with the location type, status and name of health centers across the country. This helps WHO as the starting point for return and increase of crucial health services in Libya; geographic information is crucial for the Libyan health system to manage its services for benefit of all citizens.

Volunteers are asked to collect all available information on the net that can be used to create the registry. This Activation will end on January 15. Much of the work will take place in a shared Google Doc to start, with import into OSM after completion. This makes it easier to coordite with SBTF volunteers.

1) Email myself (mikel_maron yahoo com) and request to join the activation. Include your Skype id, if you'd like to join the public Skype chat. I'll respond with links to the spreadsheets we're using.
2) Fill out a GForm with your information. You need to fill this form only the first time you start working, you do not need to do this every time.
3) Go to the GSpreadsheet and start looking for Health Facilities in Libya. You DO NOT need to fill in all the information if you do not find them: try to add as many info as you can find but do not get crazy if you cannot find one of the requested info. Other volunteers will look for it. The information already contained in the spreadsheet needs to be completed and checked.

Under the License/Origin column, you will see different data sets with different licenses for any individual point. Some are ok to use with OSM (VRAM_WHO, ICRC), and some are clearly not (gmapmaker). WHO is not as concerned about this, and just want whatever data can be collected. OSM, of course, wants data thats free and open license wise. So as HOT, we can also contribute by finding an open source for places already mapped in un-free sources. We will also want to document the different sources and license schemes on the other sheets

Otherwise, the task should be clear? We can discuss on the HOT list here, but please do not share the spreadsheets publicly for now. 

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