[HOT] Suggestions for Helicopter-based Imagery

george chamales george at konpagroup.com
Thu Feb 10 05:31:53 GMT 2011

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for tips / recommendations / suggestions for the ideal way to
collect and process photos taken from a helicopter (full-size, not RC) for
use in OSM.

At the very least we'll have a decent point-and-shoot, a gps, and a
helicopter.  Still waiting to hear what our ceiling is and am trying to hunt
down a bubble level.

Would be great to get some information back soon - there's a possibility
that we could be in the air as soon as Friday.


George Chamales
Konpa Group
Mobile: +1 718.288.7718
Fax:  +1 857.488.4002
Skype:  notgeorge
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