[HOT] Suggestions for Helicopter-based Imagery

george chamales george at konpagroup.com
Thu Feb 10 14:17:13 GMT 2011

Thanks for the great information guys.

Some more information and a few questions regarding the process:
* Location is IDP camps in Haiti. Greetings from Port Au Prince
* Camera is a Powershot G12 no secondary lenses and Canon SD 600
* Helicopter operator may also have cameras, I'm checking in with them
on what kinds
* We have the ability to get ground reference points (GCP)

* Are there any general rules for relating megapixels / aspect ratio
to altitude for getting good pictures?
* If we have GCPs, do we need to have gps coords for each picture?
* What's the minimum number of GCPs we need?
* Are there any best practices for collecting GCPs?
* What programs should we be looking at to do orthorectification and
is there another mailing list that's filled with orthorectification
ninjas who would love to help out?

Thanks for the info,

On 2/10/11, Milo van der Linden <milo at dogodigi.net> wrote:
> If I remember correctly; there is currently no real activity in the
> openaerialmap project. There are however some things going on at
> https://github.com/oam/oam although the last commits seems to be from
> november 2010.
> I think it would be good to contact the people at OAM and ask them what
> their plans are first.
> 2011/2/10 Matthias Meißer <digi_c at arcor.de>
>> I'm not an expert but you might be lucky with 2 cams and doing
>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Photogrammetry
>> if your area has different highlevels and your imagery could be
>> disordered.
>> AFAIK the most would preffer quadcopter drones cause their flight is much
>> more stable (that are unavailable for you I guess) but here is a nice
>> video
>> showing you the principles:
>> http://www.mikrokopter.de/ucwiki/VideoAbspielen?id=206
>> regards
>> Matthias
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