[HOT] Potlatch2 for HOT?

clara clara at aktivix.org
Tue Feb 15 09:35:48 GMT 2011


> The idea is someone can pick a grid click on it and start editing.
> The tags would then be limited to what HOT was looking for at that
> time.

I spend some time editing based on satelite images several times now,
and for somebody who's not on the ground, it's difficult to know whether
you are actually working on the most relevant area and whether what you
can identify is what's needed most urgently or whether you are straying off.

An option to pick a grid, and a set of tags would be quite usefull in
that respect.

Potlach2 currently let's you choose between the simple list of icons,
and the advanced text fields. Would it be possible to just add an third
option there that gives you a list HOT relevant tags?
(Profiles like that could probably useful for other specialized uses,
e.g. a profile that focuses on wheelchair accessibility etc.)


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