[HOT] Haiti Populated places and Sections communales Boundaries

Pierre (PierZen) infosbelas-gps at yahoo.fr
Tue Feb 15 21:15:41 GMT 2011

Below are two subjects that need completion in Haiti. 

Haiti populated places is partly completed and needs some revision; many villages are not integrated in the database.

I have compared the OSM database with OCHA list of populated places; this reconciliation with OCHA list shows 
2553 localities in both OSM and OCHA
512 in OSM only (in general, either regional areas with uppercase characters in TLM-50, valleys, bays, etc.)
4337 localities in OCHA list only; how confident we can be with these 4337 OCHA coordinates and names of localities? 
Where to address specific questions / problems like two adjacent Descarreaux localities near Desdunes? 

Sections communales boundaries have to revise to match OCHA database. In that respect, is OCHA v-1-4 the most recent version?
A comparison with OCHA v-1-4 shows many discrepancies.

Pierre Béland
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